Our story starts with a vision. A vision to tell your story in the correct way. Our unique background in building stands as well as in the advertising world gives us the perfect angle to understand what you do exactly and where you want to arrive at.

Corporate communication can be a very complex procedure in which you want to promote your name and products through various channels: fair stands, showrooms, website, mailings, packaging, displays, etc. We ensure a perfect communication. No book with different chapters, but one smooth story in the right language and with the right appeal.


Moodunit Lab works for S.M.E.’s, local owner-operated businesses, advertising agencies and multinationals, designing and constructing the architecture for a full range of 3D-communication. We build stands and showrooms, but we can also create, guide and guard various brand concepts and projects.

A good story does not need to be expensive. We believe in a correct fee based on honest dialogue. Moodunit Lab will consult you during every step of our mutual project: you will see what you pay for, and you will pay for what you see.